Shocking confession of airport security staff

Shocking confession of airport security staff 2

Jason Edward Harrington is a writer and student at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, USA.

In a Politico article about his years of experience at TSA, Harrington revealed that he and his colleagues had to accept many unnecessary and ineffective rules at work.

Harrington confirmed that colleagues at TSA also have code names such as `Alfalfa`, `Code Red` and `Fanny Pack` for attractive female travelers passing through.

`Full-body scanners effectively detect hidden explosives or guns in the body. We used to have to gawk when we saw the bodies of obese people, every ridge of their flesh clearly visible.

Harrington also mentioned having to search passengers: `From the beginning, I hated this procedure when I had to pat the crotch of everyone from the elderly to young children. Even infants are not exempt from airport security.

The confiscation of seemingly harmless items also worries Harrington.

In 2008, he had to confiscate a bottle of wine a Marine brought home from Afghanistan.

Shocking confession of airport security staff

Harrington once revealed on Twitter that airport employees would drink alcohol from customers who had to leave it at the security gate.

Not only that, this former TSA employee also confirmed passengers from 12 countries including Syria, Algeria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Cuba, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and North Korea – until 2010, all

`Every day, I have to look into the eyes of passengers who cover their faces with niqab or wear Muslim clothes and say that I have to do a full body check, they have no fault other than possessing a passport from the above list of countries,`

However, refuting Harrington, TSA stated that many of the procedures and policies that this former employee disclosed were no longer valid or misleading.

The agency affirms that every passenger is treated with respect: `TSA does not tolerate any unethical or illegal behavior by employees and will promptly discipline any individual found to be in violation.`

Shocking confession of airport security staff

Passengers must remove their shoes when going through security.

Chris Yates, a consultant on international security issues, said some policies apply to tourists such as prohibiting sharp objects;

However, he also said that TSA’s requirements and procedures have increased the already stressful workload of security staff and confused passengers, creating a tense atmosphere at the airport.

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