Reasons why tourists fall in love with Germany

Reasons why tourists fall in love with Germany 6

The Telegraph page has just listed Germany’s strengths that leave a lot of impression on international tourists.

Queen’s wine

One of the first things you do when you arrive in Germany is to enjoy glasses of wine extracted from the famous and fragrant Riesling grape variety.

Bread of heaven

Currently there are 300 types of bread and more than 1,200 types of rolls.

In the hometown of Oktoberfest, forget about boring, dry cookies and enjoy the world’s most premium quality bread.

German bread is especially delicious.

Beer is ours!

Beer production is a focused industry in Germany and this is also a product that many tourists put on their `must try` list when visiting.

Initially, people used hops to create a drink with a cool, slightly bitter taste and wonderful aroma and flavor.

Today, because many places around the world produce this drink, it is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish the characteristics of beer from each place.

Sausage and mustard

However, people here want to make them richer by preparing many different dishes, from grilled, smoked to stir-fried sausages…

Reasons why tourists fall in love with Germany

German sausage is one of the favorite dishes of many tourists.

When mentioning Germany, many tourists will immediately remember beer and cars.

Reasons why tourists fall in love with Germany

Germany owns many grape fields to distill wine.

Studying at university in Germany does not require tuition fees, even for foreign students.

According to statistics in Die Welt newspaper in 2013, each year the government pays about 6,000 USD per student.

Anh Minh (according to Telegraph)

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