How does a Tien Giang boy go around the world to apply for a visa?

How does a Tien Giang boy go around the world to apply for a visa? 1

Tran Dang Dang Khoa, a 31-year-old man, has just successfully completed his first road trip from Saigon to Paris by motorbike through 23 countries in 150 days, making many young people admire him.

Khoa was escorted by Iranian police through the dangerous area.

Applying for a tourist visa is inherently not simple, there are many cumbersome procedures and an international motorbike passport is even more difficult.

Before starting the two-month race to complete the paperwork, Khoa had more than two years of studying and accumulating experience from his cross-border motorbike trips in Southeast Asia.

In addition, being fluent in English is also an advantage, not only in normal communication but also when writing emails or communicating by phone, reading comprehension, looking up foreign documents…

How does a Tien Giang boy go around the world to apply for a visa?

Faculty travel permit.

Until now, very few Vietnamese people have traveled around the world the way Khoa did, so from the beginning he encountered many difficulties when having to find out information about documents, entry permits…

He has the advantage of having worked for a European company, so his multiple entry into European countries is supported by his old company’s procedures.

Each visa has a determined validity period, so Khoa cannot prepare all types of visas while still in Vietnam but must apply for a rolling application, meaning that which country to go to will apply for the next country’s visa at the embassy.

For the cluster of three countries in the South Caucasus region including Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia, instead of going straight from Iran to Turkey, Khoa detours to Azerbaijan and Georgia to visit two small but extremely beautiful and colorful countries.

How does a Tien Giang boy go around the world to apply for a visa?

Traveling alone on a motorbike, Khoa had to equip himself with some necessary skills to handle risks.

Some countries accept e-visa (apply for a visa online) and then wait a few days for it to appear.

Because he traveled by motorbike, depending on speed and many other objective factors, Khoa did not book a hotel room in advance, and of course he did not have a plane ticket.

In fact, compared to Western travelers, Vietnamese people face more obstacles if they want to travel to many countries, especially through developed countries.

After this leg, the young man from Tien Giang will continue to drive a motorbike with license plate number 63 to the other half of the world, through American countries and then return to Vietnam through Moc Bai border gate.

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