North Korea invites foreigners to teach English

North Korea invites foreigners to teach English 0

More and more foreign tourists want to explore the most mysterious country in the world.

For more than a month, experts will teach English and basic knowledge while guiding tourists at the Pyongyang Tourism College.

JTS said the company needs foreign volunteers with TEFL certificates, internationally recognized degrees in teaching English as a foreign language, or English speakers with experience in the field of tourism management.

Recently, North Korea started investing in tourism.

Western interest in North Korea has increased since 2009, with tourist numbers estimated at  6,000 people per year.

`North Korea is developing tourism in the coming years. To do that will require both international tourism expertise and foreign language skills,` the Guardian quoted David Thompson working at JTS as saying.

JTS operates on a non-profit basis, so foreign teachers selected to teach English in North Korea will not receive a salary.

JTS plans to invite 5 candidates to the capital Pyongyang in May and November this year.

`As far as I know, volunteers will not have the opportunity to roam freely,` Mr. Thompson said.

Foreigners coming to North Korea are often tightly controlled and are only allowed to speak to selected people.

Ben Griffin, a 21-year-old British student, was the first candidate to take part in a test trip for the volunteer program last year.

Griffin shared that he did not feel closely monitored, even though he was not allowed to move freely.

`By building bridges, you are helping to eliminate doubts and prejudices that have persisted for 60 years. That can only be a good thing,` Mr. Thompson said.

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