America – superpower in military robots, including killer robots

America - superpower in military robots, including killer robots 1

The United States is a pioneer in the field of manufacturing modern military robots, both those that operate on the ground and in the air, directly fighting and supporting combat.

According to the US definition, an autonomousĀ killer robot is a weapon system that, once activated, can select and handle targets without human intervention.

A combat robot of the US military.

It is estimated that the US military has deployed about 12,000 military robots in Iraq and Afghanistan, from mine-detection robots MarcBot to multi-purpose robots Talon (3,000) and PackBot (2,500).

In 2013, the US Defense Research Agency DARPA revealed the robot `WildCat` (Wild Cat, which has four legsĀ moving at a speed of 26km/h, can automatically stand up if it falls or loses balance, can

Super small autonomous robots for war purposes that can fly and jump to collect data such as `Cyclocopter` (weighing only a few dozen grams, making little noise – ideal for surveillance tasks),

The Pentagon has a Perdix drone project operating in groups.

The US military has just signed a contract worth 39.6 million USD to buy the UAV Black Hornet (Black Hornet, less than 17cm long, weighs 28 grams, range 2km, maximum flight speed 6 m/s,

The US is researching the creation of the XQ-58A Valkyrie UAV to serve as a means of flying under the guidance of fighter squadrons.

Boeing and its Australian partner have just announced an unmanned fighter model (Airpower Teaming System – ATS) that is said to be able to meet combat requirements in fierce battlefields.

General Robert Cole, in charge of the US Army’s Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), said that by 2030-2040, the brigade combat unit will be restructured from 4,000 troops to 3,000 troops.

(There’s more).

According to collaborator Le Ngoc

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