Salem, the city of broom-riding witches

Salem, the city of broom-riding witches 3

People often say that history is tied to space and time, but Salem brings the spooky part of history to history with true stories about the world of witches, magic and scary judgments.

Since the early 17th century, in the New England region of North America, supernatural forces have been a part of everyday life.

In 1692, a terrible event entered the history of this place when judges convicted 19 people for `witchcraft` even though they did not admit it.

Statues of witches riding brooms are a common sight in Salem.

Life in this witchy land is remote from the outside world until curious visitors want to see and feel it with their own eyes.

Since then, tourism has become a strength of Salem.

Salem, the city of broom-riding witches

The Salem Witch Museum always attracts tourists.

A must-see is the Salem Witch Museum with its stories and artifacts related to witchcraft.

At Lyceum Hall on Church Street, inventor Graham Bell tested the world’s first telephone by calling Cambridge to his assistant Watson in 1877. He answered by singing

It seems that this witch’s telephone wire was accepted by the people of Salem, not through gruesome judgments under the gallows.

Salem, the city of broom-riding witches

Ferry to Salem.

It is possible to visit this place by land, but the most impressive is by sea from Boston Harbor.

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