Cham ao dai attracts tourists

Cham ao dai attracts tourists 1

When the sounds of cicadas begin to ring, signaling the arrival of summer, Cham people prepare to welcome the new year according to the Cham calendar.

Charming Cham girl next to the ancient tower.

Whether it is the Cham Awal or Cham Ahier festival, visitors will see charming Cham girls in colorful ao dai, with fluttering scarves walking hand in hand on the steps to the Cham people.

Cham people follow a matrilineal system, so Cham women are the center of preserving unique cultural features, including traditional Cham ao dai.

Cham ao dai attracts tourists

Cham festivals are always brilliant with lovely ao dai.

To constitute a complete traditional Cham women’s costume, it must contain all the following elements: ao dai, skirt, talei kabak (cross waistband), talei ka-in (horizontal waistband), turban

Cham ao dai differs from Kinh ethnic ao dai in that it is sewn tightly, without slits, leaving 4 parts open: including 2 sleeves, collar and below the knee.

The skirt that comes with the ao dai is usually white (usually for young women) or black (for married and older women).

The waistband is always a unique highlight for Cham costumes, one strap is tied diagonally across the chest (talei kabak) and one strap is tied around the waist (talei ka-in).

To create a more attractive look, Cham women often choose head scarves to add harmonious nuances.

Earrings and neck jewelry are often suitable for older women.

Cham ao dai attracts tourists

The seductive look with ao dai, belt and scarf of Cham girls.

Cham women’s costumes are a harmonious combination of many elements, from the red fabric tassels that beautify the ears, to the iridescent beads strung on a string that adorn the neck to the waistbands.

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