Allegri – ‘the walking dead’ in Milan

Allegri - 'the walking dead' in Milan 2

Allegri, no exaggeration, is a vivid illustration of the `walking corpse` metaphor.

Losing 1-2 at Udinese yesterday was Milan’s third defeat in the first four matches in Serie A this season, meaning the team had the worst starting results since 1930. The chair at Allegri’s feet was originally

The end of Allegri (right) in Milan is very near.

The Sun newspaper (UK) yesterday quoted an anonymous member of Milan’s board of directors that Allegri’s future will be decided in four more games at the latest.

`The match against Cagliari, the away trip to Parma and Zenit St Petersburg and most importantly, the derby against Inter on October 7, will be the last opportunities for the coach to save himself from being fired,`

However, the Italian press believes that Allegri’s reign in Milan could end in the fifth round of Serie A in the middle of this week, if he and his students do not win against Cagliari at San Siro.

The disappointment in Allegri from the board of directors even appeared before, when Milan helplessly let Anderlecht hold to a 0-0 draw at home in the opening match of the Champions League group stage.

If Berlusconi decides to `take action` on Allegri, Milan will also take care of the consequences.

Allegri - 'the walking dead' in Milan

Milan currently no longer has any majestic image of the Serie A champion just 16 months ago.

Many sources from Italy in the past few days also reported that Milan had contacted Rino Gattuso to invite him to join Tassotti in an interim role.

There are also rumors that Pippo Inzaghi, the legendary goalscorer who now leads the U17 team, could be promoted to the hot seat in the first team, if Allegri is fired.

Under pressure from the board of directors, Inzaghi and Allegri then held a joint press conference, denying the conflict, even smiling and linking arms in front of the camera.

In March this year, right before the first leg of the round of 16 in which Milan crushed Arsenal 4-0, Allegri told the Sun newspaper: `You cannot win titles if you do not buy big players. You also cannot win titles.`

Last summer, instead of strengthening a few big names to enrich the team’s fighting power, Milan did the opposite.

To replace that talented and experienced core class, Milan brought in a series of new faces, but in a trivial way.

Allegri - 'the walking dead' in Milan

Allegri (right) is alone in a dangerous situation.

But instead of sympathy, patience and absolute support for the coach, Milan seems to just want to kick Allegri out as soon as possible.

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