The island where visitors can crash into sharks

The island where visitors can crash into sharks 5

Since 2011, when whale sharks first migrated along the coast of Tan-awan, Philippines, tourists from all over have flocked to this small bay to swim or skydive.

Even though it wasn’t yet 6 a.m., the small registration building was already packed with tourists, who were excitedly talking about their upcoming swimming with sharks experience.

Before departure, all visitors are introduced to the regulations in the hall.

After that, each group of 10 people quickly moved to small canoes.

Just by entering the water, visitors can easily realize why this place is so famous.

The experience of swimming with whale sharks, although dangerous, still attracts many tourists.

Despite being warned that any violation will result in fines or imprisonment, many tourists still deliberately do the wrong thing.

Many people also realized and were upset with the above situation.

The 5m distance rule also doesn’t seem to work.

The tour guides even put their feet on the mouths of the whales as they swam close to the canoes, gently caressing them with their feet.

According to local estimates, there are about 14 whale sharks living here.

Oslob is not the only place in the world where visitors can see or swim with whale sharks.

The island where visitors can crash into sharks

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