Many passengers went missing on the cruise ship

Many passengers went missing on the cruise ship 2

According to Sun, from 2000 to 2017, about 200 people went missing on cruise ships around the world.

The disappearance of female tourist Rebecca Coriam is a typical example.

Rebecca CoriamĀ (left) poses with her sister.

After hearing the bad news about their daughter, Rebecca’s parents hurriedly boarded a plane from her hometown of Chester, England to Los Angeles, USA.

According to News, the elderly couple was extremely distraught over the news that their daughter fell into the sea after being swept away by a 30 m high wave.

According to Mr. and Mrs. Coriam, when Rebecca had the accident, the weather was very nice.

Two of Recbecca’s friends said that she was most likely the victim of a sexual assault and then murder.

Many people who knew the story also commented that this disappearance still had too many mysteries yet to be clarified.

Dr. Ross Klein, author of Cruise Ship Blues: The Underside of the Cruise Ship Industry, also expressed concern about the increasing number of passengers missing at sea.

Many passengers went missing on the cruise ship

Missing on the cruise ship: the passengers were never found

Many cases of disappearances on ships were concluded to be due to tourists slipping or intentionally committing suicide

But in Rebecca’s case, Ross believes that she had more than a year of experience working on Disney ships, so the reason for falling overboard was eliminated.

A Bahamas police officer also recently announced his independent investigation into the nanny’s disappearance.

Private detective Roy Ramm also said on Sun in 2016: `This case has a lot of contradictions. I believe this is a murder. I hope someone can prove me wrong.`

However, the Bahamas police confirmed that there was nothing shady about the girl’s case.

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