The mysterious disappearance of a young girl on a luxury yacht

The mysterious disappearance of a young girl on a luxury yacht 2

In the last days of March 1998, young Amy, then 23 years old, participated in a Royal Caribbean luxury cruise with her parents and brother, from Puerto Rico to the island of Curacao.

According to what the female tourist’s parents told her, Amy had gone through rescue training classes and swam very well but was afraid of the sea.

Amy with her parents and brother on a yacht in 1998. Photo: Mysteriousuniverse.

On March 23, 1998, the third night of the cruise, the Bradley family attended a dinner party on deck.

Not seeing their daughter return to her room, her family was very worried and asked to broadcast the search information through the ship’s loudspeaker system.

While searching for the missing girl when the ship had not yet docked, the captain had his staff search and turn over 999 rooms of the giant ship but to no avail.

The mysterious disappearance of a young girl on a luxury yacht

In 2015, there were nearly 15 million solo cruise travelers in North America.

Although the girl could not be found, the captain refused to send photos of the girl to the passengers on the ship.

Days later, the FBI informed the victim’s family that the search for Amy on the train at that time was very sketchy.

A witness on the train, Crystal Roberts, said she saw Amy and Blue Orchid guitarist Alister Douglas hanging out on the train.

Amy’s family affirmed that their daughter had no reason to fall into the sea, and if she did, she could not have drowned because she was a very good swimmer.

The night before the young female tourist disappeared, the victim’s family also saw many strange things.

Also in 1998, two Canadian tourists claimed to have seen Amy walking along a beach in Curacao with two men.

Amy was again seen in 2005, at a department store in Bridgetown, Barbados.

Public opinion has raised the question: so what happened to Amy Bradley.

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