5 horror experiences of room service

5 horror experiences of room service 8

On Reddit – a famous entertainment and social communication service site – horror stories related to hotel room service have just been posted.

Found severed human hand.

`I found a hand under the bed, inside a box. Then I discovered that earlier this year a guest who rented this room had died. However, the missing hand was not found.

Animal collection

A receptionist nicknamed Niggle also recounted: `Once, we received a group of people to stay at the hotel. On the third day they rented a room, I continuously received calls from the third floor complaining.

After that, I checked the rented living room.

Clean up the dog’s `products`.

Ranranbolly is a hotel receptionist, and he had to witness a rare case: `Our room attendant is pregnant, but she still has to clean the room for a guest who lives with 5 dogs.

Many guests often take their pets with them on trips, but let them freely litter the floor.

Witness the `hot` scene

`My best friend is a hotel employee and he has to work the night shift. Late one night, guests ordered food and he had to bring it to them. The man who opened the door had his whole body tied up with a rope.

Bad guests

`I used to help in a hotel. Once when cleaning the room, I discovered that the guest was smoking – this is against the regulations and will result in a fine of 500 USD – so I went back to report to the receptionist.

5 horror experiences of room service

Not only did they violate the no-smoking rules, some guests also smeared waste products all over the hotel room.

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