U19 Vietnam’s road to the World Cup

U19 Vietnam's road to the World Cup 5

The World Cup is a festival of world football talent, a place where every player wants to compete, but the number of teams participating in this prestigious tournament is only 32.

It is not rare for famous players in the world of football, despite being famous and winning many titles at different levels such as Ryan Giggs, George Best… but have never played the World Cup even once.

If we think that only with the current group of well-trained players like U19 can make the leap to the World Cup, we are too naive.

Every year, the youth lines of teams like Arsenal, Tottenham… have dozens of players eliminated.

Even the Tottenham squad that just won against U19 with a score of 9 – 0, it is unlikely that anyone will be promoted to the first team.

Duc Huy and his teammates could not penetrate Tottenham’s defense, so they had to accept a heavy loss of nine goals without reply.

Regarding the training model, HAGL – JMG is similar to Arsenal, only picking up and training young players who are agile, skillful, and have good technique.

It is understandable that U19 players are not strong on defense.

However, this U19 generation is not a complete failure.

What they achieved was bringing fans back to the football field.

Watching them fight hard for the team is enough to attract the attention of fans who are tired of the tricks of the `stars` of the national team.

Personally, I do not hope that Vietnam will enter the World Cup with the U19 players.

After two to three generations of players like this, Vietnam will have a team strong enough to compete in Asian football.

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