Coach Miura: ‘Vietnamese players give up too soon’

Coach Miura: 'Vietnamese players give up too soon' 1

“I am very disappointed about this match.

Coach Miura was very dissatisfied with his students’ performance on the field.

During the post-match press conference, coach Miura mentioned four times that the players played with a very bad spirit.

“Tactically, I was not wrong.

He said he instructed his students to play short football, gradually rotating the ball from the bottom up because Thailand did not press strongly.

Coach Miura: 'Vietnamese players give up too soon'

Vietnam lost heartily to Thailand right at home.

In the first half, Mac Hong Quan missed a chance to score.

Regarding this case, the military leader born in 1963 clarified: `I admit that Mac Hong Quan is someone who does not take advantage of good opportunities and scores many goals.

When asked how long it would take for the Vietnamese team to reach Thailand’s level, Coach Miura said he could not answer.

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