The community debates the approval of a billion-dollar project along the Red River

The community debates the approval of a billion-dollar project along the Red River 14

After the article: `Investors of billion-dollar projects along the Red River will continue to research and deploy` was published, VnExpress received many opinions debating whether or not to approve the billion-dollar project along the river.

Many opinions believe that this waterway project is not necessary, and are worried that it will affect the natural environment

Reader Nguyen Hoang shares: “Our family has lived in Hanoi for nearly 100 years, and now every day we have to witness the red Red River, heavy with silt, dying.

`Therefore, even though Xuan Thien Ninh Binh Company presented billions of dollars in cash to implement the project, we still did not support it. We only supported building solid stone embankments along both sides of the river to avoid

Agreeing with the above opinion, reader Phuong Ha said: `I studied history during the time when King An Duong built the country, our country’s coast is located somewhere in the Dong Anh area of Hanoi, the relics still exist today, which means that after

`Now, can businesses that want to exploit and do business on the Red River calculate the amount of alluvium blocked, and what is the impact?`.

`Building hydroelectric power will affect the habitat of aquatic animals and plants.  The living conditions of animals and plants underwater, as well as along both sides of the river, will seriously change,` said reader Huy.

Besides, there are also opinions that this is an interesting project, but to implement the project many issues must be considered.

Reader Thinhehn commented: `If the project brings economic benefits to the country, ensuring improvement of water sources for irrigation and daily life for people on both banks of the Red River, it would be great.`

`But there is an issue that can be said to be a key issue that needs to be thoroughly researched: The possibility of upstream water sources from China flowing into the Red River (also Da River, Lo River…) if they continue to

“This project needs to be carefully considered, it may be necessary to ask for foreign consultants, what is lost is just emotional thinking, so there should be independent consultants and careful consideration, there should not be `hasty` approval.

As for the nickname Dai hoc thuy loi, he is concerned about the project’s environmental impact: `It is necessary to carefully calculate the possibility that waste from heavy traffic will affect people and creatures?`

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Xuan Trang compiled

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