Bitcoin import fever

Bitcoin import fever 2

Currently in Vietnam, investors seek profits with Bitcoin through two forms, one is surfing, buying and reselling (through the exchange) or investing in buying `plows` – computer systems with high configuration.

Talking to VnExpress, a source from the State Bank affirmed that up to now, they still reserve the opinion of not recognizing virtual currencies, including Bitcoin, as legal currencies and means of payment in Vietnam.

`Plowing buffalo` rigs are for sale online.

However, the trend of `mining` and investing in virtual currencies Bitcoin, Linecoin, Ethereum… is still increasing recently, especially after information was released that the Government approved the Project to complete the legal framework for management.

Bitcoin is currently rising to a record level of more than $4,700.

Currently, each `Bitcoin mining machine` is often for sale on websites with an average price of 30 to 60 million.

About two months ago, many computer parts suppliers in Vietnam were still `out of stock` of graphics cards because of the high demand for `Bitcoin plowing buffalo`.

In fact, owning Bitcoin by `mining` or `mining` yourself in Vietnam is very rare, but mainly purchased through a number of exchanges.

Bitcoin import fever

The State Bank reserves the opinion that it does not consider Bitcoin a legal currency.

`Because Bitcoin prices continuously set record highs, many customers bought buffaloes without understanding Bitcoin as well as the complex mining process, so they often sold them immediately after a few months of use. There were also people who regretted the investment so they rented them out.

In addition, mining Bitcoin is now more difficult than before because there are so many people participating.

Bitcoin virtual currency was secretly created on the Internet in 2009, amid the global economic crisis.

However, many financial experts around the world are concerned about the value bubble of this virtual currency.

Sharing with the press, financial expert Nguyen Tri Hieu also said that at this time investors participating in Bitcoin are quite adventurous.

The State Bank has also recommended that organizations and individuals should not invest, hold and trade related to Bitcoin and other similar virtual currencies.

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