Four severe cases of Covid-19, one person required ECMO intervention

Four severe cases of Covid-19, one person required ECMO intervention 6

These four cases were held by the Treatment Subcommittee, Ministry of Health, in a nationwide online consultation this afternoon to treat severe Covid-19 patients.

After more than 1.5 months of treatment at Viet Duc Hospital, the 54-year-old patient was transferred to the Central Tropical Diseases Hospital on April 9 with a diagnosis of lymphadenitis, pleural effusion, and monitoring for pneumonia on the background of the disease.

From April 15, this patient was transferred to Dong Anh 2 facility, in the General Infection Department and then transferred to the Intensive Care Department on April 29 due to cough, increasing difficulty breathing, pleural fluid, and mechanical ventilation.

On May 4, the patient tested positive for nCoV.

Assessing this as an `extremely difficult` case, Professor Nguyen Gia Binh, head of the consultation group for severe Covid-19 patients, said that the evolution of case 3019 is similar to the patient at Da Nang Lung Hospital not long ago.

In addition to the old damage, with the attack of nCoV, the patient now has multiple organ failure, lung damage, and heart damage.

Experts consulted with seriously ill patients on May 10.

The second serious case consulted is `patient 3153`, 63 years old, from Hai Duong, admitted to the hospital on April 28.

`The difficulty for doctors with this patient is kyphosis, scoliosis, chin folded into the chest, neck shortened, it is difficult to wean off the ventilator, and cannot open the patient’s trachea,` said Dr. Phu.

According to experts, the patient shows signs of infection.

Two other cases referred for consultation were case 3015 (male, 54 years old, from Gia Loc, Hai Duong) with a history of cirrhosis and case 3028 (female, 70 years old, from Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi).

Case 3018 was hospitalized because of prolonged fever, diabetes for 21 years, hypertension, and cerebrovascular accident with left hemiplegia.

Currently, the patient is on a ventilator through endotracheal intubation and still has a very high fever (39.3 degrees Celsius).

Currently, there are 38 facilities nationwide treating Covid-19 patients.

In addition to one case requiring ECMO intervention and 3 other severe cases consulted today;

Le Nga – Chile

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