Government: Ho Chi Minh City strives to control the epidemic before September 15

Government: Ho Chi Minh City strives to control the epidemic before September 15 4

The above goal is stated in the Government’s Resolution on urgent solutions to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic, issued on August 10.

The Government requires localities implementing social distancing according to Directives 15 and 16 to ensure strictness and substance, `absolutely not allowing formal social distancing to occur, either tight on the outside or loose on the inside.`

During the 14-day period of social distancing, localities must identify and protect `green zones` (safe zones);

At the same time, localities are making plans to meet people’s needs for food, food, and essential necessities.

Pano stated its determination to locate in Ho Chi Minh City during the days of social isolation across the country, April 2020.

Regarding the application of anti-epidemic measures, the Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee proactively decides corresponding to the risk levels according to Directives 15, 16, 19. The motto is `can be applied earlier, higher but not

Anti-epidemic measures, especially social distancing, must be implemented strongly and decisively from the beginning, `whenever you do something, do it decisively, without hesitation, hesitation, wavering, lack of determination,

Based on the actual situation, localities can apply measures such as: Restricting means of transport;

Regarding testing, the Ministry of Health provides guidance to ensure science and avoid waste;

Localities quickly test people at high risk of infection to detect F0, serving tracing, classification, and treatment.

Relevant ministries promote vaccine diplomacy by all means;

The Ministry of Health allocates vaccines, prioritizing localities where many people are infected and die;

The Government assigns units to accelerate research, application, technology transfer, and organize clinical trials;

Ministries, branches and localities maintain production, avoiding disruption of the supply chain of labor, goods, services, supplies and raw materials for production.

The Government will have a mechanism to support regular expenditures for public health facilities that do not have enough revenue due to the impact of the epidemic.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs proposes entry and exit policies appropriate to the new situation;

The resolution is effective from July 28 to December 31, 2022.

Since the fourth epidemic broke out (late April 2021), up to now, Vietnam has recorded a total of 220,906 community Covid-19 infections, in 62 provinces and cities.

19 southern provinces and cities are applying Directive 16 to prevent epidemics.

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