Three factors that attract Vietnamese customers of Nissan Navara EL

Three factors that attract Vietnamese customers of Nissan Navara EL 2

Having used a 2019 Navara pickup with his friend, when he had the opportunity to buy a new car, Mr. Phan Van Han (29 years old, Hanoi) did not look at any other car models on the market, but chose to buy the Navara EL.

During more than 2 months of owning the car, traveling more than 6,000 km, the owner of the design and construction company said that Navara received many compliments from actual users, he himself had experience with this car line, so

Mr. Phan Van Han, owner of the Navara EL.

`Every day I travel about 100 km, carry goods and take my family home on weekends to go out, so I chose the EL version of Navara without consulting any other car models on the market,` Mr. Phan Van Han said.

Three advantages of Navara pointed out by the customer include: 5-year warranty, low operating costs, and equipped with the same engine and suspension system as the high-end version.

Previously, popular car models in Vietnam often had a 3-year warranty, Nissan was one of the pioneers to offer a warranty policy of up to 5 years (or 100,000 km, whichever comes first), applicable to

In terms of equipment, Navara EL uses a 2.3 twin-turbo diesel engine and a dependent multi-link rear suspension system like the high-end version.

Three factors that attract Vietnamese customers of Nissan Navara EL

Mr. Han’s pickup truck often transports items related to construction projects and construction materials.

Navara is the only pickup model in the segment equipped with a dependent multi-link rear suspension, instead of traditional leaf springs.

Comparing with the 2019 Navara used, the customer said that the new Navara has a softer steering wheel, and the phenomenon of engine screaming at low speeds has been improved.

In Vietnam, Nissan Navara is sold in three versions, starting with EL 2WD priced at 699 million VND.

In June, Nissan Vietnam combined with the genuine dealer system to launch a direct discount of VND 120 million for the two versions VL and Pro4X, Navara EL received a discount of VND 80 million.

With this program, Nissan Navara’s selling price starts from 619 million VND for the EL version, 825 million and 850 million VND for the VL and Pro4X versions, respectively.

For example, to register a provincial license plate (10% registration fee), users need to spend 662 million VND for the EL 2WD version, 882 million VND for the VL 4WD version and 908.4 million VND for the Pro 4X version.

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