Lam Vinh Hai always finds his wife beautiful

Lam Vinh Hai always finds his wife beautiful 4

– After the Let’s Dance Challenge contest, many fans, especially female fans, were surprised to learn that he got married quite early – at 22 years old.

– Getting married is a fate given to you by God.

Before getting married, I lived without knowing how to calculate anything. I just lived as I liked, so when I made money I felt like I had nothing.

Now she is also the one who keeps time, arranges appointments, my work schedule… In general, I have to be under her `management`.

Lam Vinh Hai (right) and his young wife.

– You’re young, handsome, and working in the entertainment industry, how do you avoid being heartbroken when interacting with other beauties?

Every man doesn’t like beautiful women, I’m no exception.

– How do you spend time with your daughter?

– Actually, due to my job as a dancer, I don’t get to spend much time with my little daughter.

My husband and I also plan to send our child to ballet lessons when he is 3-4 years old, not to guide him to become a dancer in the future, but first to help him learn how to exercise and maintain health and fitness.

– How have the awards you won changed your life?

– I’m getting busier and busier with many jobs outside my expertise, like taking fashion photos, doing advertising, for example… However, the biggest change I see is my attitude.

Lam Vinh Hai always finds his wife beautiful

`With dancing, I can be myself. When I go on stage, every time I’m sublime with the dance, I forget everything, even the audience…`, the 24-year-old dancer shared.

– So was there anything in the past that made you feel sorry for yourself because of your career?

– There’s nothing to feel sorry for myself, but sometimes I also realize the difference in treatment.

– What is the biggest pressure of a professional dancer like you?

– Always want to be better and more creative, not let myself be stuck in one place.

– What personal regime do you have to keep in shape and physical strength?

– Many people think I have to diet very strictly, but I’m very comfortable in this matter.

– You once registered to go to dance school but then dropped out halfway, why?

– Previously, I registered for a 2-year dance school, but after one semester I quit.

But I was fortunate to meet many teachers who always taught me enthusiastically, including choreographer Johnny Huy Tran.

Lam Vinh Hai always finds his wife beautiful

Lam Vinh Hai dreams of one day being able to build his own dance center.

– What do you think about the playground and professional activities of dancers in Vietnam today?

– There are not many large programs for artists and dancers in Vietnam.

There are many dancing talents in Vietnam but they lack places to operate.

This made me dream of organizing a program for dance lovers in the future.

– The life expectancy of a dancer is not high, what are your plans for the distant future?

– By the age of about 30, dancers have to be more careful in every movement, their muscles and flexibility will no longer be the same as when they were in their teens or twenties.

* Photo: Vinh Hai `flying` on the streets of Saigon

That Son performed

Photo: Dong Hien

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