Having a house and land in Saigon because of the risk of ‘carrying debt’

Having a house and land in Saigon because of the risk of 'carrying debt' 8

My husband and I are the same age, from the same hometown, came to Saigon to start a business, met, fell in love and got married.

The room was cramped, but renting a whole house was expensive, so we discussed buying a small house in the suburbs to have a place to live and motivation to work.

In the end, my husband also bought that land for 195 million, building a level four house cost another 400 million, a total of 600 million VND.

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After finishing building the house, my husband had some knowledge about land and was passionate about business, so he continued to borrow money to invest in real estate.

It didn’t stop there, in 2018, seeing that the land was starting to stand, my husband borrowed money to invest in Japanese domestic goods (at that time I had just given birth to my second child).

Currently, we still owe the bank 250 million (borrowed to get more goods) but I don’t want to pay it yet because we have capital to do business.

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