Adam Lambert: ‘It’s not easy to come out as gay’

Adam Lambert: 'It's not easy to come out as gay' 4

Coming to Vietnam from January 2 to prepare to attend the H-Artistry art night on the evening of January 4 in Ho Chi Minh City, the famous singer who grew up from the 2009 American Idol competition spent time chatting with about

– How did your coming out as a gay artist affect your life and music career?

– Of course, I faced quite a few difficulties and discrimination from some people.

In addition to the above, in general, I always receive people’s openness and affection for me every time I appear on stage.

On stage, Adam Lambert is full of personality with an inspiring, powerful voice.

President Obama is a strong supporter of the rights of the LBGT (gay, bisexual, transgender) community in the US.

– I believe in gay marriage and I support it.

– Do you plan to marry your boyfriend in the future?

– I do not know.

When was the last time you cried?

– I don’t cry easily.

– After the album `Trespassing`, what are your future plans?

– I have thought about a few ideas like a new music genre or a collaboration with a certain artist, but right now I don’t have any specific plans.

– Many songs in his two albums `For your Entertainment` and `Trespassing` often express the desire to find balance.

– It’s true that in my music I often search for the past, looking for ways to define my personality as well as my ego and personal balance.

– What do you think about participating in a musical?

– Maybe in the future I will look for the opportunity to participate in a musical because that is my first love!

Adam Lambert: 'It's not easy to come out as gay'

Working hard and always seizing opportunities in life is Lambert’s secret to success.

– What are your hobbies in life?

– I consider my job to be my hobby.

– On stage you are familiar with everyone with your `weird` style, but what kind of person are you in real life?

– I’m not good at talking about myself (laughs).

– Having grown up from the American Idol competition, can you share with the Vietnam Idol contestants the secret to success?

– Work hard, constantly improve and don’t be easily satisfied with yourself.

– Why do you focus so much on your appearance on stage?

– Identifying myself as a person in the entertainment industry, I not only focus on standing and singing, but creating a style is also very important.

– How do you feel about your current life?

– I feel satisfied with what I have.

– How did you feel when you first came to Vietnam?

– Of course I’m excited and I’m looking forward to the interesting and surprising things that will come to me in Vietnam.

– Who is your favorite artist and how do they influence your music?

– I love many genres of music, especially classic rock, and admire many different artists such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, Queen… They are great artists from voice to style.

Adam Lambert: 'It's not easy to come out as gay'

From left to right: Portuguese singer Aurea, Korean singer NS Yoon G, American singer Adam Lambert and Mr. Benny Ng – representative of the Organizing Committee – at the press conference on the afternoon of January 3 in Ho Chi Minh City, sharing information.

– How are your performances on the Vietnamese stage different from the Hennessy Artistry stage in Shanghai?

– Most of the performances are similar to the show in Shanghai, but one good thing about live shows is that we always perform with very different styles.

I brought with me quite a few people in the crew, from backup singers, dancers and technical and sound adjusters… with the biggest goal being to bring thoughtfully prepared and exciting performances to the audience.

– What do you expect from your performance night?

– I feel very happy to have attended the H-Artistruy art night for the fifth time recently in Shanghai and now in Vietnam.

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H-Artistry 2013 program was held at Nguyen Du Sports and Culture Club – 116 Nguyen Du, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City at 7:30 p.m. on January 4 with the participation of world-famous artists: Runner-up

This fifth Hennessy Art Night carries the message `dare to overcome all barriers to pursue your dreams`.

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