‘Father Carrying His Son’ attended a film festival in Estonia

'Father Carrying His Son' attended a film festival in Estonia 3

The film festival takes place from November 17 to December 3.

The Black Nights film festival is organized to fight for cultural and racial diversity.

Black Nights is one of the 15 largest film festivals in the world, besides events such as Cannes, Berlinale, Venice, Karlovy Vary, San Sebastian, Shanghai, Tokyo… Each year, the event has more than 1,000 international filmmakers.

Teaser for the movie ‘Father carries his child’

On July 3 in Tonronto, Canada, the film Father Carrying Son will also be screened at the opening of the 13th ReelHeart International Film Festival (ReelHeART International Film & Screenplay Festival). Luong Dinh Dung’s work will compete in the categories

'Father Carrying His Son' attended a film festival in Estonia

The film `Father Carrying Son` won many awards at international film festivals.

Previously, the film Father and Son won the `Best Narrative Feature Film` award at the 17th DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival in Washington, DC.

At the sixth USA Independent Film Festival in New York, the film won the `Best Director` and `Best Cinematographer` awards.

While winning many international awards, Luong Dinh Dung’s film missed the 2016 Golden Kite Award and only received the `Excellent Feature Film` certificate of merit (equivalent to third prize).

'Father Carrying His Son' attended a film festival in Estonia

Directed by Luong Dinh Dung.

Luong Dinh Dung said he is urgently preparing to shoot his second movie called Sleeping City.

The film is about a 25-year-old character, living in an almost abandoned alley, every day he slaughters chickens for hire.

Luong Dinh Dung said he is recruiting actors for the film.

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