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On September 25, the Boston Athletic Association (BAA) sent a letter confirming that Quang Hoa and Hong Le both achieved BQ – qualifying for the 2020 Boston Marathon, with achievements of 2 hours 41 minutes 57 seconds and 2 hours 52 minutes 41 seconds, respectively.


BBA email announced that Hong Le and Quang Hoa qualified for the 2020 Boston Marathon.

Hong Le and Quang Hoa are the third and fourth Vietnamese runners to meet the BQ standard, thereby qualifying for the 2020 Boston Marathon. The two previous people who met this standard were both male runners: Hung Hai and Dinh Huynh Linh.

VnExpress Marathon is one of four major running events in Vietnam recognized by IAAF-AIMS (World Athletics Federation – World Marathon Association) to meet international standards, besides Longbien Marathon, Techcombank Marathon and Danang International Marathon.


Hong Le (picture above) and Quang Hoa (picture below) finished first on the VM Quy Nhon full marathon on June 9.

With Hong Le and Quang Hoa having tickets to the 2020 Boston Marathon, VnExpress Marathon becomes the first running race in Vietnam with both female and male athletes meeting the performance conditions to compete in an event of the World Marathon Majors system (

It is very difficult for athletes to register to participate in the Boston Marathon through the screening process based on entry performance.


Elimination standards for athletes registering for the Boston Marathon according to age groups and gender.

In 2020, the minimum achievement required by the Boston Marathon for runners is divided by age and gender.

Quang Hoa came to VnExpress Marathon 2019 out of curiosity, but made a strong impression when he broke through to finish first on the Quy Nhon track on June 9.

As for Hong Le, she considered finishing first on the Quy Nhon track on June 9 to be a satisfactory result, because she `was able to run in her homeland, with a beautiful and challenging route`.

The Boston Marathon is the world’s oldest running race, held annually on the third Monday in April, starting in 1897. From having only 18 registered runners in 1897, the Boston Marathon is now

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