Taiwan tests missiles, China sends planes close

Taiwan tests missiles, China sends planes close 2

The missile test launch was held at the Jiu Peng military base, Ping Dong district on September 24-25, Taiwan Island’s Sun Yat-sen Academy of Sciences said in a statement today.

According to the statement, the rocket was launched to `unlimited altitude` during the test, but its name and type have not been announced.

Taiwan tests missiles

Missiles were defended from Cuu Bang base, Taiwan, China, on the night of September 24.

Also on September 24, the Chinese military (PLA) deployed a Y-8 submarine hunter aircraft into the air defense identification zone (ADIZ) of the island.

Taiwan’s Air Self-Defense Force dispatched fighters to approach PLA military aircraft and broadcast warnings via radio waves.

A PLA navy reconnaissance ship also operated in the area about 70-138 km off the coast of Hualien district, several sources in the Taiwanese defense force said.

Shi Shun-wen, spokesman for Taiwan’s defense forces, said intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance units will monitor sea and air movements around the island to ensure defense capabilities.

Taiwan tests missiles, China sends planes close

Location of Pingtung district on Taiwan island, China (marked in red).

The closest encounter with the largest number of PLA aircraft took place on September 18-19, when 37 aircraft, including bombers and escort fighters, practiced in the Taiwan Strait, most of which crossed the `median line`.

Taiwan’s air defense force sent fighters to approach, broadcast warnings via radio waves, informed the PLA pilots of `violating the median line` and asked them to leave.

Taiwan’s defense agency announced on September 21 a change in the rules of engagement, allowing soldiers to `strike first` in self-defense, but requiring them to strictly comply with the regulations to not escalate tensions with the North.

China considers Taiwan a part of its territory awaiting reunification and is ready to use force if necessary.

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