Honda Air Blade 160 launched, highest price 57.2 million VND

Honda Air Blade 160 launched, highest price 57.2 million VND 3

On May 20, Honda launched the 6th generation of the Air Blade scooter model.

The 4-valve ESP+ engine has been adjusted by the company to adjust the piston stroke and new hydraulic cam booster, helping the vehicle achieve better acceleration, quieter, and meet Euro 3 emissions standards. The vehicle has a capacity of 15 horsepower and torque.

The 125 cc version is still sold in parallel, and the power has also been slightly upgraded, from 11.2 horsepower to 11.7 horsepower.

Honda Air Blade 2023 160 cc engine version launched in Ho Chi Minh City.

Honda Air Blade 160 launched, highest price 57.2 million VND

Aside from the engine, the changes on the new Air Balde are less noticeable.

The design of the Air Blade 160 is similar to the limited edition Air Blade launched in October 2021, differentiated from the 125 version by its sportier front cover.

The car possesses familiar equipment that was previously available such as smart keys and digital dashboard.

Regarding the selling price, the new Honda Air Blade remains the same in the highest version and increases slightly in the low version:

Car model

















The comparative selling price in the table above is based on Honda’s most recent adjustment in April. If compared to the old level from 2021, Air Blade increased in price by 500,000 VND to nearly one million VND.

Compared to rival Yamaha NVX, priced at 52.2 – 54.5 million VND and with only one 155 cc engine, the Honda Air Blade has more options and a wider price range (cheaper in the lower version, more expensive in the upper version).

The appearance of Air Blade also helps Honda Vietnam target another competitor, non-genuine imported Honda Vario cars.

Popular, but like many other Honda motorbikes, the Air Blade encountered price increases compared to the suggested price at the dealer.

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