Which industry stocks increased strongly after the epidemic peak?

Which industry stocks increased strongly after the epidemic peak? 4

In the newly published report, the analysis team of Agribank Securities Company (Agriseco) has compiled statistics on market developments in the face of three previous waves of Covid-19 to predict stock groups that will grow strongly when the epidemic subsides.

Agriseco believes that there are 4 groups of potential stocks, which can record a better profit rate than VN-Index after this epidemic peak.

The first is the chemical group, including potential stocks DGC, DRI, PLC, BFC and LTG.

The metal group ranks second on the list with three potential stocks including HPG, HSG and NKG.

Retail stocks represented by DGW, MWG and PET are listed as potential industry groups because of the prospect of increasing short-term sales when the economy reopens.

Finally, there is the oil and gas group with four named stocks including PVT, BSR, PVS and PLX.

According to Agriseco, before the number of Covid-19 cases peaked, most industry groups dropped.

The Agriseco analysis team explained that for the tourism and entertainment group, some leading stocks in the industry also had a strong increase around the peak of the epidemic but usually did not last long and were quickly sold to take profits afterward.

The main reason is that the profit picture of businesses in the industry (especially airlines) is severely affected and may take many years to recover.

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