North Korea’s world-leading tank fleet

North Korea's world-leading tank fleet 0

North Korea’s world-leading armored force

North Korean tanks participated in the military parade on April 15

The US Department of Defense believes that North Korea possesses 4,200 tanks and 2,200 armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles.

The backbone of the North Korean armored force is the Soviet-made T-54/55 tank.

The T-54/55 series is currently considered outdated, but North Korea has made many significant improvements, typically a modern fire control system with laser rangefinder.

Pyongyang also has up to 1,200 self-produced Chonma-ho (Thien Ma) tanks.

North Korea's world-leading tank fleet

Chonma-ho tank participates in the North Korean army’s tank race.

Although they make up a large number in the armored force, both the T-54 and Chonman-ho are tanks based on technology from decades ago.

Pokpung-ho possesses many features no less than modern Russian and American tanks.

This vehicle is also equipped with a unique anti-aircraft missile system on the turret, helping it defend itself against dangers from helicopters and enemy aircraft.

Pokpung-ho’s firepower has recently been significantly increased when North Korea applied a new upgrade package, allowing the installation of two additional laser-guided anti-tank missiles, allowing it to engage in long-range combat with tanks.

However, the number of Pokpung-ho in the North Korean army is not much, only about 250 in elite guard units.

North Korea's world-leading tank fleet

Pokpung-ho tank with anti-tank missile mount on the turret.

The North Korean army also operates a number of PT-85 amphibious tanks, an improved domestic version of the PT-76 tank.

In addition to tanks, Pyongyang also owns a large number of armored personnel carriers.

The North Korean armored force is considered to be large in scale and powerful in number, but most of them are old tanks and their combat capabilities are very limited.

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