Doctor Truong Huu Khanh: ‘Unfortunately becoming F0, the first thing is to stay calm’

Doctor Truong Huu Khanh: 'Unfortunately becoming F0, the first thing is to stay calm' 2



Video of doctor instructing breathing exercises

The doctor instructed F0 to practice breathing to restore his lungs at home

Pulmonary rehabilitation video, provided by Dr. Calvin Q Trinh, Ho Chi Minh City Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Hospital.

8:03 p.m

I read in the newspaper that Covid-19 patients will more or less suffer from lung damage and pneumonia (to varying degrees) and many medical staff instructed them on breathing exercises for F0.

8:04 p.m

How long should people with asymptomatic Covid-19 patients practice breathing each day, and what should they pay attention to? – If you are in good health, you do not need to practice breathing or feel anxious or tired to practice.

8:07 p.m

So if F0 has asthma, how will he breathe?


Doctor, it’s been the 7th day since I had Covid-19. I can only go for centralized treatment tomorrow.

8:12 p.m

Doctor, my husband and 7-year-old son have tested positive, but the medical team has not yet arranged for treatment.

8:15 p.m

Doctor Truong Huu Khanh in an online consultation session at VnExpress about vaccination.

8:18 p.m

Dear doctor, recently on social networking groups, many people have asked to buy blood oxygen monitors at home.

8:20 p.m

Are the results of this meter accurate for all subjects?

8:21 p.m

Three members of my family are F0, being monitored and quarantined at home.

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