Discover super cheap Korean snacks

Discover super cheap Korean snacks 3

1,000 won (about 20,000 VND) is the lowest denomination note in the Korean paper money system.

Chicken balls breaded and fried

A cup of fried chicken (cup chicken) costs 1,000 won and is always a favorite dish of young Koreans when they run out of money and still want something to eat.

Delicious and attractive fried chicken nuggets.

This dish is often sold in mobile carts on sidewalks near universities.

Odeng fish cake

Odeng is a skewered dish with the main ingredients being fish, flour and eggs, quite familiar because it appears frequently in Korean movies.

Discover super cheap Korean snacks

A snack stall selling skewered dishes in Korea.

Odeng can be eaten immediately or added with soy sauce depending on each person’s taste.

Gimbab rice roll

A roll of gimbab rolled on the spot usually costs 2,000 won (40,000 VND) or more.

Discover super cheap Korean snacks

Gimbab rolls sold in convenience stores.

Convenience stores give you quite a few options with prices ranging from 200 to 500 won (4,000 – 10,000 VND) depending on the flavor.

Hotok cake

Hotok cake is quite similar to pancake (a flat cake made of flour), which is also a fried dough mixture but has filling inside.

Discover super cheap Korean snacks

Hotok cake is being prepared.


It would be a shame if you haven’t tried a dessert for only 1,000 won.

Discover super cheap Korean snacks

Waffle sandwich with many flavors of ice cream.

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