Vietnamese expert in Wuhan: ‘It is difficult to investigate the origin of nCoV’

Vietnamese expert in Wuhan: 'It is difficult to investigate the origin of nCoV' 5

Dr. Hung, co-leader of the Human and Animal Health Research Program, International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), Kenya.

Sharing with VnExpress on the afternoon of January 17, Dr. Hung, who is in quarantine on the 5th day after entering Wuhan, said: `Covid-19 has caused too great consequences. If we find the source of the virus that causes the disease, we can

Dr. Hung did not reveal his specific duties in the investigation team.

He shared that he had been to Wuhan for work twice, but this time had a `different feeling`.

`This is not pure research work like I did before, but work under special circumstances,` he said.

Mr. Nguyen Viet Hung in Wuhan, January 14.

According to WHO, the delegation’s plan to find out the origin of nCoV is divided into two phases.

Based on that basis and scientific documents, the expert group continues phase 2 (long-term research).


In phase 1, scientists deeply evaluated medical records, including CT scans and specimens (if any) of nCoV positive cases before December 2019.

They then examined epidemiological factors associated with Covid-19 during the early stages of the outbreak, performing additional analysis if necessary, based on previous data.

In phase 2, the expert group will develop a detailed, long-term research plan based on the results and scientific evidence found in phase 1. This helps to more clearly define the research scope of phase 1.

According to the work schedule, the group maintains regular interaction to share findings related to the origin of nCoV from China and other regions.

The expert group is currently in a 14-day quarantine period at the hotel, after entering the country.

Dr. Hung said `we cannot expect to fully understand the origin of nCoV during this investigation`.

`It is difficult work and takes a lot of time. But I hope to find useful information to understand more about the origin of nCoV and guide the second phase of research,` Dr. Hung said.

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