North Korea’s response strategy when attacked by the US

North Korea's response strategy when attacked by the US 0

Launching missiles 2,000 km high, North Korea wants to hide weapons features

Faced with concerns about North Korea’s ballistic missile and nuclear weapons program, the US has continuously gathered strategic weapons to the East Asian region, while threatening to launch a pre-emptive strike to solve the problem.

Military expert Kyle Mizokami believes that North Korea has many ways to respond to the US attack, most notably the world’s largest standing army with about 1,190,000 people and elite special forces.

The North Korean Army (KPA) applies a military doctrine specializing in attack, so in the event of a conflict with the US-South Korean coalition, North Korean divisions will likely attack quickly and take over.

Pyongyang can also force opponents to refrain from military action by threatening to use weapons of mass destruction.

At sea, North Korea’s submarine force can cause significant damage to the US and South Korean navies thanks to its possession of a copy of Russia’s modern 3M24E `Uran` anti-ship missile.

North Korea's response strategy when attacked by the US

North Korea’s military power.

However, outdated equipment and logistical problems make it impossible for the North Korean army to maintain a long war against the US-South Korean coalition with superior technology.

North Korea’s first layer of defense is intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance assets.

However, most of these devices have a lifespan of more than 30 years, most likely cannot operate well and are easily subject to electronic suppression.

In that situation, North Korea will likely have to cede the entire sky to US stealth fighters and South Korean fighter jets.

North Korea's response strategy when attacked by the US

Copy of North Korea’s self-made 3M24E missile.

The most dangerous possibility is that North Korea launches an asymmetric war against the US-South Korean coalition on the ground.

International analysts say that military measures have never been a viable solution to the North Korean crisis, because it can lead to too dangerous consequences for the region and the world.

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