Magic of Real Madrid

Magic of Real Madrid 3

There is a term called `miedo escenico`, and it translates as `stage fright`.

Former striker and former general director of Real, Jorge Valdano once used the above term to describe the situation of his opponents when they were guests at the Bernabeu.

In fact, Valdano borrowed that phrase from the late famous Colombian writer, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982, Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Real members skated on the grass to celebrate their 3-1 victory over Man City in the Champions League semi-finals at the Bernabeu on May 4.

Rationally, the so-called `stage fright` probably doesn’t exist.

But sports are not inherently rational.

It was Juanito, the late Real striker in the 1980s, who is said to be the owner of the famous saying: `90 minutes at the Bernabeu is very long`.

That’s a short anecdote from nearly 40 years ago.

Magic of Real Madrid

Valverde launched his body to control the ball under the pressure of Man City defender Aymeric Laporte in the second leg of the Champions League semi-finals on May 4.

Similar things happened after the 1984-1985 season.

Real entered the second leg of the 1/8 round after losing 0-1 on PSG’s field.

La Liga also recorded a similar story.

Magic of Real Madrid

Benzema scored in Real’s 3-2 comeback win after being led 2-0 by host Sevilla on April 17.


In reality, the 60 seconds Ancelotti described was really long.

Magic of Real Madrid

Real Madrid 3-1 Man City

Main developments in the Real 3-1 Man City match in the semi-finals of the Champions League on May 4.

Ancelotti said many years ago that at the Bernabeu, even when leading the opponent 3-0, Real could still be booed if the play did not convince the fans.

But this season, it seems the story is reversed.

The question is `In a rational world, do such mysterious things still exist?`.

If it is not a mysterious phenomenon, as the RAC1 commentator said, there will still be other explanations.

Magic of Real Madrid

Man City’s Gundogan was sad when he saw Real Madrid players celebrating victory at the end of the semi-final second leg at the Bernabeu on May 4.

According to experts, `patience` is good, and `lack of urgency` is not.

Perhaps, the most reasonable explanation is still Juanito’s statement.

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