Dustin Nguyen: ‘Winning the lottery’ is not a funny movie

Dustin Nguyen: 'Winning the lottery' is not a funny movie 2

– For your second time as a director, why did you choose the comedy genre?

– Winning the lottery came to me very suddenly.

Dustin Nguyen directed and played a role in `Winning the Lottery`.

– What do you think when some audiences think that Vietnamese comedy movies released every year during Tet are often `bullshit` movies?

– I always think that each type of movie has its own audience, but many people often use this word with movies shown during Tet.

The audience will clearly see that Winning the Lottery is not a `funny comedy` movie, a `forced laugh` movie.

Dustin Nguyen: 'Winning the lottery' is not a funny movie

`Winning the Lottery` is a Vietnamese film rated as having the highest quality of the 2015 Tet film season.

– You said that `Winning the Lottery` is not a `funny comedy` but how do you feel that the movie’s name, poster and trailer can easily make the audience mistakenly think this is such a movie?

– A movie is made up of two factors – commercial and artistic.

– In your opinion, how important is the word-of-mouth effect in the film distribution stage?

– In my opinion, Winning the Lottery will not be a movie that will attract audiences immediately.

– What do you think about the box office competitors of `Winning the Lottery` on this occasion, especially the two Vietnamese films that are also receiving a lot of attention, `Superman X` and `Today’s Day`?

– I think Superman

Winning the lottery is too small compared to the above two movies.

Dustin Nguyen: 'Winning the lottery' is not a funny movie

Bebe Pham cuddles Dustin Nguyen at the premiere of `Winning the Lottery` in Hanoi.

– After `Winning the Lottery`, what new projects do you have this year?

– I have a comedy project in collaboration between Vietnam, the US and China.

Having acted with many Hollywood stars such as Cate Blanchett, Johnny Depp or Hugo Weaving, what do you think about inviting them to Vietnam to film?

– Of course, if there is an opportunity, a good script to invite Hollywood friends to Vietnam to participate is very good.

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