9 habits that keep you poor

9 habits that keep you poor 5

No one is perfect, most of us have some bad habits at certain times.

Below are 9 habits of failed people, as listed by Business Insider, that you should avoid if you don’t want to fall into the same trap as them.

1. Always late

Surely everyone is late sometimes, but letting lateness become a habit is unacceptable in a professional environment.

A study by the University of San Francisco found that `chronic procrastination is associated with certain personality traits, including anxiety, lack of self-control, and risk-taking tendencies.`

Photo: Business Insider

2. Holding a grudge

It’s completely normal if you don’t like and trust certain people.

3. Obey others

Obeying your teachers may have been a good strategy for success in middle school, but now, you’re a grown adult and have a specific job.

If you spend all your time pleasing others, you will never stand out.

4. Overspending

If you’re always running a deficit, you’re setting yourself up for long-term financial disaster.

5. Delay

Indecision and indecision can cost you time, money and even the respect of others.

6. Lying

It’s easy to fall into the trap of spinning small lies into bigger lies.

7. Cross the drawbridge

In your life and career, sometimes you need to destroy some bridges, if standing on the other side is a toxic person.

8. Not knowing how to take care of yourself

You can be very successful but success will not be meaningful in the long run if you do not maintain your health well.

9. Bad body language

Body language makes a big difference in how people feel about us – it’s often more important than what you say.

That’s why bad body language habits – like poor eye contact and unconfident posture – are so dangerous.

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