Treat F0 at home in the new normal

Treat F0 at home in the new normal 2

On October 11, during the first rapid test sample collection at a family with symptoms, 4 positive cases were discovered. Mr. Le Quoc Binh, head of the medical station, asked them to be temporarily quarantined on-site.

Most patients have received two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, have mild symptoms, and have no underlying disease or risk of worsening.

Medical staff at Phong Phu station guide F0s before boarding the bus to the centralized quarantine area in August. Photo: Le Quoc Binh

In addition to the F0s who have been sent to centralized quarantine centers, Phong Phu commune currently has about 40 F0s being quarantined and treated at home.

`There have been no deaths in the commune for many days, and when the disease gets worse, we have to transfer the hospital to a higher treatment floor,` said the head of the commune health station.

According to Mr. Binh, according to the new regulations, all F0 after the rapid antigen test will have their pharyngeal fluid sampled and tested again, using the RT-PCR technique.

In parallel with the task of managing F0 in the area, 6 full-time medical staff and 4 volunteers of Phong Phu station regularly take 400-500 input and output testing samples from the district’s centralized quarantine areas.

Currently, when the epidemic has `cooled down`, the station is planning a roadmap to return to its original functions, such as examining and treating common diseases;

In Linh Chieu ward, Thu Duc city, doctor Nguyen Ngoc Vinh Phuc, head of the medical station, said that from the end of September until now, the ward has not had any new cases of infection, and F0 patients treated at home have all recovered from their illness.

Treat F0 at home in the new normal

Dispensing and instructing F0 at home to use medicine bags A and B. Photo: Nguyen Ngoc Vinh Phuc

Doctor Phuc said that after more than 5 months of fighting Covid-19, the epidemic situation has been well controlled, from the peak in mid-August, there were 100 cases received a day, now the number of new infections is

In return for that hardship, the grassroots medical staff is now experienced and has built a quick and effective process of receiving and treating F0.

Currently, the source of medicine to treat F0 at home is also abundant, both from the allocation of the Thu Duc City medical center and from sponsors.

On October 14, Linh Chieu ward health station began to reorganize the vaccination campaign with vaccines in the national expanded vaccination program for children in the area.

According to two medical station heads, due to the effectiveness of vaccination, the rate of severe F0 and death has decreased significantly.

Chief of Office of the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health Nguyen Thi Huynh Mai once commented, `Managing and treating F0 at home is a big and correct policy in treating Covid-19`.

Currently, Ho Chi Minh City records more than 410,000 cases of Covid-19, announced by the Ministry of Health.

Treat F0 at home in the new normal

The sample collection team at Linh Chieu ward medical station came to take samples for testing at the homes of people with symptoms suspected of being infected with Covid-19.

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