Dominica will ‘not spend a penny’ on Miss Universe

Dominica will 'not spend a penny' on Miss Universe 2

This is considered a green light signal from the Dominican Republic, allowing the Miss Universe 2012 contest to take place in this country, after the Miss Universe Organizing Committee repeatedly `stepped down`.

Initially, Miss Universe invited Dominica to host Miss Universe 2012 on the condition that the country must spend 16 million USD to prepare facilities and cover competition costs.

Minister Ramon Peralta at a press conference on September 8.

In a press conference on September 8, Jose Ramon Peralta – Minister, Head of the Presidential Office (Administrative Minister of the Presidency) – said: `The MUO organization really wants the Miss Universe 2012 contest to take place in Dominica.

Minister Peralta further shared that after receiving this answer, the Miss Universe organization drafted a new proposal.

He revealed his opinion: `We welcome this event, as long as they are financially self-sufficient or call for sponsorship from private economic sources.`

On September 12, the Miss Universe organization announced that they had found sponsorship from the Hard Rock hotel and casino system and the contest may take place in the Dominican city of Punta Cana.

If all goes well, Miss Universe 2012 will take place in December with the final night held on December 11.

Dominica will 'not spend a penny' on Miss Universe

Miss Universe contestants wore Ao Dai in the contest held in Vietnam in 2008.

This is not the first time Miss Universe has had difficulty with the venue.

In 2008, Vietnam hosted Miss Universe but the government only supported it in terms of guidelines, policies and mechanisms.


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