5 car companies return to Vietnam in 2020

5 car companies return to Vietnam in 2020 1

The Covid-19 epidemic in 2020 caused a lot of turmoil in the Vietnamese auto market, especially in terms of market share among brands as well as weakened sales.

Jeep Wrangler SUV in Vietnam.

Jeep’s return to Vietnam is the latest of the 5 brands, but not too exciting.

The lowest price is nearly 3 billion VND for an imported US car, with an appearance that qualifies as `untouchable` when traveling on the road, making many people excited and confused.

Strangely enough, Jeep Wranglers or Gladiators are rarely seen on the streets compared to the number of Korean, Japanese, American or German cars.

However, the distributor expects sales of 180 cars per year, which means it needs product diversity as well as a more attractive pricing strategy.

5 car companies return to Vietnam in 2020

Arkana imported from Russia at an agent in Ho Chi Minh City.

On the parallel route leading to Tan Thuan export processing zone (District 7, Ho Chi Minh City), a genuine showroom capital is formed: Mercedes, Ferrari, Subaru, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Bentley, Ducati, Volvo.

There is still no official information from Renault to the media about the return of the European brand that appeared in Vietnam, but two models, Arkana, priced from 999 million VND and Captur, priced at 799 million VND, are being quietly sold.

Renault’s handshake with the old distributor left many regrets.

5 car companies return to Vietnam in 2020

Cullinan super luxury SUV at the genuine showroom in Hanoi.

Silently like Jeep when shaking hands with a new distributor, but with its reputation, Rolls-Royce is enough to make many people curious about which name in the car industry will be responsible for selling products that are considered `a masterpiece`.

S&S Automotive, established in October, will be the new partner of the British super luxury company.

One of the reasons why the British car company broke up with Regal Motors is that there is no harmony in business direction between the two parties.

However, it will not be until the second quarter of 2021 that Rolls-Royce’s Saigon showroom is expected to go into operation, while customers can order cars now.

5 car companies return to Vietnam in 2020

B-size CUV model, MG ZS at the launch press conference in Hanoi.

As one of many domestic brands leaving the British `mother’s milk`, MG Motor has wandered even further than Rolls-Royce (owned by BMW, Germany).

In July, when MG announced its business activities in Vietnam with its first two products ZS and HS in the B and C class high chassis segments, what many people were interested in was not the selling price or equipment.

The answer is not as difficult or complicated as the arguments on social networks.

MG is similar to Volvo’s case, but in the popular segment, where less technology and safety equipment are required, making customers look closely.

MG’s problem, in addition to design and equipment, the company must first win and conquer the trust of consumers.

5 car companies return to Vietnam in 2020

A Nissan X-Trail model in Vietnam.

Shaking hands with MG, Tan Chong also broke up his relationship with Nissan after many years of association.

Announced operations in September, but perhaps from 2021, new Nissan car models will enter the Vietnamese market.

The dealer system taking over from the old distributor and planning to expand further shows VAD’s ambition.

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