53,000 North Korean workers are at risk of unemployment

53,000 North Korean workers are at risk of unemployment 2

Kaesong Industrial Park is where garments, clothing, car components, semiconductors and other equipment are produced for Korean companies.

Companies operating in this industrial park said they have invested about 500 million USD since it was inaugurated in 2000. Leading Korean corporations such as Samsung, Hyundai Motor and a series of other companies will suffer losses.

Kaesong Industrial Park seen from an observation tower in Paju, South Korea.

A manager at a sports goods manufacturing company in the Kaesong industrial park told the Wall Street Journal that the working skills of workers in this area are much better than those of workers in China and many other countries.

Currently, there are many Koreans waiting in the border city of Paju just hoping to enter North Korea.

If North Korea continues to not allow South Korean workers to enter Kaesong, factories here may have to stop operating because there is no human resources or supplies of raw materials regularly transported by trucks.

A Korean citizen planning to go to Kaesong industrial park said: `Now, I can’t work here anymore.`

About 120 South Korean companies operate at factories in the border town of Kaesong, with 53,000 North Korean workers working there.

South Korean officials said North Korea prevented South Korean workers from entering the Kaesong industrial park on the country’s border.

In 2009, North Korea closed its border to protest joint US-South Korean military exercises, leaving hundreds of South Korean workers stranded in Kaesong for several days.

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