10 occupations that easily cause depression

10 occupations that easily cause depression 6

There are some occupations that are more likely to cause depression than others because they often have to deal with stress, constant change, or work long hours and are difficult to control.

`People in high-stress jobs will be better able to manage this condition if they take care of themselves and seek help when needed,` said Dr. Deborah Legge, a mental health consultant.

Child care/care for sick people at home

This profession tops the list, with nearly 11% of people working in this field reporting the possibility of depression.

Day care of children or sick people in their homes includes feeding, bathing, and caring for people who `are often unable to express gratitude or acknowledge… because they are too sick or too

`It’s really stressful to take care of sick people and young children and not receive much positive support,` he said.

Illustration photo: Enkicharity.com.

Healthcare staff

Healthcare workers include doctors, nurses, therapists and other professions that work with people who are hospitalized and have little ability to care for themselves.

`Every day they see sick people, pain and death, and have to deal with the patient’s family. These things can make them see the whole world as a place filled with suffering,` Dr. Willard

Social worker

It’s not surprising that social workers are among the top professions most prone to depression.

`It can be said that their job is really hard. They work with people who really need them and it’s difficult to do this job well without sacrifice. I see this often happens to employees.`

Food service staff

Waiters are often poorly paid and always have to follow other people’s orders with tiring tasks every day.

`This is a very thankless job. Many people can be rude and even violent towards food service staff. When people are depressed, it is difficult to have the energy and motivation to

Artist, entertainer, writer

These jobs often have unstable income, hours, and isolation.

The psychologist admitted: `One thing I often see in entertainers and artists is bipolar. It can be a mood disorder that cannot be diagnosed or treated in people.`


The demands on teachers seem to be increasing.

`There is pressure from many different audiences – children, parents and schools trying to raise standards, along with that the demands on teachers also increase, making it difficult for them and sometimes making them

Sales agent

Many salespeople only earn commissions that are directly dependent on their sales revenue, meaning they never know exactly when their next paycheck will come.

If they work independently, profits may also be limited.

Financial and accounting consulting

Tension, stress and tension are things they can talk about about their feelings.

`Having to bear a lot of responsibility for other people’s finances and not being able to control the market. Sometimes feeling guilty and when customers lose money, they can scream at them often,` says psychologist Legge

Customer support

People who work in this field are truly `in-laws of hundreds of families`.

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