200 Russian warships parade on Navy Day

200 Russian warships parade on Navy Day 3

About 200 warships of various classes participate in the annual parade in many cities and ports, from Kamchatka in the east to St.

The main parade takes place at the harbor of Kronstadt, St.

Putin announced that the Russian navy will be staffed with hypersonic nuclear attack weapons and unmanned nuclear submersibles, super weapons revealed by the Russian Ministry of Defense are in the final stages of testing.

Russian warships participate in today’s parade in St.

The Russian President did not specify when the force would receive new `super weapons`, but confirmed that day `is approaching`.

The Kremlin boss said that the Russian navy’s capacity is increasing and will be equipped with about 40 new warships this year.

Hypersonic weapons are weapons with speeds above Mach 5 (more than 6,000 km/h), with higher range and maneuverability than ballistic missiles.

Russian weapons, some of which have not yet been deployed, include the Poseidon `super torpedo`, which is contained in special submarines, and the Zircon hypersonic cruise missile that can be deployed on surface ships

200 Russian warships parade on Navy Day

Russian President Vladimir Putin (black vest) witnessed the military parade in St Petersburg, Russia, today.

Russian news agencies quoted a statement from the Ministry of Defense saying that testing of Belgorod, the first submarine capable of carrying Poseidon torpedoes, is underway and testing of new weapons systems is nearly complete.

Putin once said that hypersonic weapons were the first area where the US had to follow Russia in the history of the defense industry.

According to the Russian President, the current US missile defense system is outdated because hypersonic weapons can easily penetrate them.

Mai Lam (According to Reuters)

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