Jonghyun’s (SHINee) depression before committing suicide

Jonghyun's (SHINee) depression before committing suicide 1

On December 18, several Korean newspapers reported that Kim Jonghyun died of asphyxiation after closing the door and burning charcoal in his apartment.

Singer Kim Jonghyun.

The rental side said that Jonghyun did not book a room in advance but came directly to rent it, saying he would stay for two nights, December 18 was the first day.

Over the past year or so, members of the group SHINee have repeatedly expressed loneliness and boredom.

Jonghyun's (SHINee) depression before committing suicide

Police sealed off the scene of Kim Jonghyun’s incident.

In the program 1VS 100 aired in March, Jonghyun said he was worried because his career as a singer had an unstable income, and he was insecure when thinking about the future.

Jonghyun expressed his boredom in the song Lonely, released in April.

Jonghyun's (SHINee) depression before committing suicide

Jonghyun (SHINee) Lonely

Since entering the profession, the male singer has never encountered a scandal and is a model of a healthy idol in Korea.

Jonghyun's (SHINee) depression before committing suicide

Spectators gathered in front of the gate of Konkuk University Hospital.

Fans were shocked by the news that Jonghyun burned charcoal in his room to commit suicide.

Many artists expressed their condolences over the incident of the 27-year-old singer.

Singers Lee Junho, Choi Jonghoon, Lee Hong Ki, Kahi… all expressed their condolences to Jonghyun on their personal pages.

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