When she’s too into ‘it’

When she's too into 'it' 2

To the point that recently, Tan’s `little guy` was seriously damaged with signs such as pain, swelling, and even torn foreskin.

Phuong (27 years old) also has strong desires like Lan.

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Also having a high need, but not wanting to find a partner to satisfy her, Hoa (29 years old), who does not have a lover, has found a way to satisfy herself, because that way is the fastest and most discreet.

Doctor and psychological consultant Truong Gia Bao said that women have high needs in `sex` depending on many factors such as age, physical condition, awareness…

Age: If 14-21 is considered the age of puberty for girls, 21-28 is often considered the age when women have a high need for sex.

Physical condition: This depends on each person’s physical condition, which has different high and low physiological needs.

Awareness: Girls are often not fully aware of sexual issues.

Objective factors: Watching a lot of movies, husband going away on business, husband with physiological weakness, divorce… are also the main reasons why women’s `needs` are `blocked`.

In general, women with high desire is a common phenomenon in society.

Doctor Truong Gia Bao further shared that women’s `needs` depend on each person’s physical condition.

For unmarried young people, you need to be provided with full reproductive knowledge to avoid unwanted consequences, such as pregnancy, pain during sex, sexually transmitted diseases…

However, no matter what, you should not have sex indiscriminately, having too much sex can cause your body to become weak and sick.

Reproductive and sexual health doctor Le Thi Kim Dung, Labor Health Center (Thai Ha, Hanoi) added that women aged 20-25 have a very high need for sex.

Some typical signs that are considered pathological are when you have a mental disorder, cannot control your sexual behavior, and are even willing to have sex with anyone, anywhere, at any time.

A 2010 sex-related study published on Glo said that over 50% of women aged 18-49 admitted to masturbating within 90 days.

*The names of the characters in the article have been changed.

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