8 signs you’re too selfish in ‘sex’

8 signs you're too selfish in 'sex' 4

Below are 8 signs that you are being too selfish in bed and some tips to help you share your love with your partner.

1. You prioritize your ideas first

If all the new experiences you’ve shared with him in bed so far have been inspired by you, by your ideas, and not by him, then that shows you’re not being fair at all.

Solution: Take turns leading the game.

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2. You bring work into bed

When you bring high-tech `toys` such as laptops, iPads or smartphones into bed, it means you’re sending him a clear message: You’re not `in the mood` for fun.

Solution: Set a rule of `no electronic devices in bed` to avoid distractions during sexual moments with him.

3 Talk more than listen

Nothing kills inspiration faster than an awkward conversation that goes nowhere.

Solution: Before you speak, ask yourself: Can this conversation wait until both of you are ready to listen?

4. You often refuse his special offers

Always remember that `sex` can only flourish when both you and your guy always try your best.

Solution: The next time he suggests that you wear sexy pajamas or have a certain hairstyle, indulge him.

5. It’s either your way or nothing

With a busy schedule as parents and other obligations, it’s really not easy to schedule `love stories` between husband and wife.

Solution: Set a certain number of days that suit both husband and wife’s schedules to spend romantic evenings together at home.

6. You don’t take his suggestions seriously

The quickest way to disappoint your partner in bed is to enthusiastically ask him what he wants but completely ignore it, especially by laughing loudly or rolling your eyes.

Solution: Be open and try new things with him (eg positions, `toys`, locations…).

7. You don’t `play nice`

It’s really easy to get angry and upset when he wakes you up from a peaceful sleep early in the morning or late at night because of something on his mind.

Solution: Or communicate with each other more.

8. You have too many prerequisites

`Let’s take a shower first`, `Nothing today because I just did my hair`, `Wait, I need to rest a bit`….Do you often blurt out these types of requests when your guy asks you?

Solution: Be simpler, more flexible and more ready for `it`.

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