Vietnamese masks waiting to be exported to the US and Europe

Vietnamese masks waiting to be exported to the US and Europe 3

Masks are a `lifesaver` for textile and garment businesses, compensating for export processing garment orders postponed or canceled by partners.

400 million medical masks is the quantity in the order that Garment 10 Corporation just signed with its delivery partner in July. In addition to orders for medical masks, Garment 10 also received orders from Germany and the US for masks.

Not only May 10, TNG has also been exporting shipments of masks to Europe for nearly a month now.

Workers producing masks at TNG Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company.

On April 6, 500 TNG antibacterial nano fabric masks were donated by this business to the New York City Police Department (USA).

In addition to antibacterial nano fabric masks, Mr. Thoi also revealed plans to produce medical masks from mid-May. The production line and raw materials for medical masks have been imported by TNG and will arrive at the factory within 40 days.

When Covid-19 happened, the textile industry faced a `double shock`.

At this time, shifting to mask production becomes a solution for textile and garment enterprises to maintain production, retain workers and earn income, and reduce losses due to stopped orders.

Garment 10 General Director Than Duc Viet said that mask export orders accounted for nearly 30% of their revenue this year, contributing to ensuring enough jobs for nearly 12,000 workers.

Not stopping at masks, textile enterprises also quickly invested in production lines and machinery for medical protective suits to prevent epidemics.

However, TNG Chairman said that in order to export masks (antibacterial, medical fabric) or medical protective suits to prevent epidemics, businesses still encounter certain obstacles.

Regarding this, the representative of the Import-Export Department (Ministry of Industry and Trade) said that strict management of medical mask exports is necessary.

At the meeting on April 13, the National Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control also affirmed that the export of this product will only be encouraged after meeting domestic demand and businesses proactively sourcing raw materials for production.

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