Vinh City Police: ‘Thank you truck driver for suing us’

Vinh City Police: 'Thank you truck driver for suing us' 0

Lieutenant Colonel Hoang Duy Ha (Deputy Chief of Vinh City Police).

– On what basis did Vinh City Police decide to punish driver Phan Dinh Anh for a series of violations, causing him to sue in administrative court?

– On July 28, 2014, Nghe An province issued Decision No. 43 regulating routes and restricted circulation times of vehicles participating in traffic in Vinh city.

Accordingly, the province prohibits trucks with a weight of 4 tons or more (both vehicles and goods) and passenger cars with 16 seats or more (except tourist cars; vehicles transporting officials and employees; armed forces

10 days after this decision, Nghe An authorities completed placing dozens of prohibition signs on 49 Vinh City roads, including Le Loi Street – where police fined driver Phan Dinh Anh on August 8.

– In the lawsuit, the British driver stated that when he was fined, the vehicle weight was 3.4 tons but was not carrying goods, so he did not violate the above regulations.

– I confirm that the English driver misunderstood.

Vinh city traffic police force had previously fined thousands of cases for this same error.

When stopping the British driver’s car on March 8, the two police officers on duty followed the correct procedure when giving decision number 10 to explain.

Vinh City Police: 'Thank you truck driver for suing us'

Prohibition sign at Le Loi street, Vinh city.

– Traffic participants think that signs with a series of letters in the secondary signs are like `traps` because it is difficult to understand the content immediately.

– We affirm that we do not trap drivers.

We have also not received any feedback that these prohibition signs are not placed properly.

– The day of the trial is approaching, what do you think about the possibility of the traffic police being `vindicated`?

– First of all, I would like to thank the British driver in particular and the private enterprise where the driver works in general for suing this case.

This is the first time Vinh city traffic police have been sued by a truck driver.

Mr. Anh works as a driver for a private enterprise in Cua Lo town (Nghe An).

Thinking that it was not wrong, Mr. Anh did not give the police the vehicle documents to check, did not sign the record… Mr. Anh’s truck was sealed immediately afterwards and towed to the station.

On March 17, Lieutenant Colonel Hoang Duy Ha (Deputy Chief of Vinh City Police) signed a decision to sanction Mr. Anh for administrative violations for the following errors: entering a prohibited road;

Two months later, Mr. Anh filed a lawsuit against the Chief of Vinh City Police, asking the court to cancel the above administrative penalty decision on the grounds that it was issued `in contravention of regulations`.

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