Taiwan conducts anti-landing exercises

Taiwan conducts anti-landing exercises 3

Taiwan’s defense agency said in a statement today that the exercise was held on the Mazu archipelago, about 18.5 km from the coast of mainland China and about 211 km from Taiwan island.

The Chinese Army (PLA) has recently increased military activities near the island of Taiwan, sending many bombers, reconnaissance aircraft, fighters and submarine hunting aircraft close to the island.

`The roar of fighter engines or the roar of artillery, that sound brings peace of mind when the defense forces protect the homeland,` said the Facebook page of the Taiwanese defense force spokesman.

The M59 155 mm cannon of the Taiwanese defense force opened fire during an exercise in the Mazu archipelago, September 25.

Taipei controls the Matsu and Kinmen archipelagos, which lie close to mainland China, after the Kuomintang retreated to Taiwan in 1949. The last time the PLA and Taiwanese defenders clashed on a large scale was in 1958.

Matsu and Kinmen Islands are now famous tourist destinations.

China considers Taiwan a part of its territory awaiting reunification and is ready to use force if necessary.

Taiwan conducts anti-landing exercises

Matsu Islands (marked in red).

The closest encounter with the largest number of PLA aircraft took place on September 18-19, when 37 aircraft, including bombers and escort fighters, practiced in the Taiwan Strait, most of which crossed the `median line`.

Taiwan’s air defense force sent fighters to approach, broadcast warnings via radio waves, informed the PLA pilots of `violating the median line` and asked them to leave.

Taiwan’s defense agency announced on September 21 a change in the rules of engagement, allowing soldiers to `strike first` in self-defense, but requiring them to strictly comply with the regulations to not escalate tensions with the North.

Taiwanese media said that this adjustment to the rules of engagement allows Taiwanese defense forces on the front lines to fire if they determine that the enemy intends to attack, but they will have to receive approval.

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