Studying is like torturing yourself

Studying is like torturing yourself 13

Opposing `Study 14 hours a day to take the public 10th grade entrance exam`, reader Le Hieu shares his own success story despite not having to study too much:

`Studying like this is like torturing yourself. If this were a college entrance exam, I could understand. But this is just a normal high school exam and doing so is a bit too much. In the past, I had just studied

In the same opinion, readers of Magnifying Glass also shared their own method of studying for the exam leisurely but still achieving good results:

`If the exam is not too difficult and exceeds the learning content, then spending too much time studying for the exam shows that these students have the wrong study method. Remember when I took the university entrance exam, although I was not good at it, I was not good at it.

Also with a gentle learning method, reader Bluesea106 emphasizes the effect of reducing exam pressure:

`23 years ago, I was in ninth grade. In the morning I go to school until 11:30 and then come home to eat lunch. In the afternoon I stay home to play or help my mother with housework. In the evening, I study for tomorrow. My friends around me also

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Confirming the mistake of studying too much, while promoting the balance between studying and physical activity, reader Phuoc Nguyen shared:

`It’s good to use diligence to compensate for ability. Studying hard is good, but studying too much will deplete your health. If you get sick on exam day, you’ll quit. Smart people are those who know how to balance study and extracurricular activities.

As a mother with a young child going to class, reader Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy suggests ways to raise children without putting pressure on studying or taking exams:

`I have two children, but I never want my children to be under such pressure to study. I don’t like them to study too much. I can take the exam at any school that suits their ability. Don’t try too hard. I forget to eat and sleep when studying.

Book knowledge is only part of it, children also need to learn life skills.

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