‘Quantum of Solace’ – Bond’s instinct for action

‘Quantum of Solace’ - Bond's instinct for action 0

Agent James Bond (Daniel Craig).

The filmmakers took a lot of time to decide on the name for this film, Quantum of Solace.

After the epic Casino Royale movie, this return of James Bond is also an equally exciting adventure.

‘Quantum of Solace’ - Bond's instinct for action

James Bond and Agent Fields.

James Bond is an almost legendary spy, with inherent characteristics, so recreating this character is not easy.

Returning to the role after two years, Daniel also confided: `I have never escaped this role and this time I got into the role much more than last time.`

‘Quantum of Solace’ - Bond's instinct for action

Camille is always by James Bond’s side.

In this film, Daniel plays alongside two beauties, Ukrainian supermodel Olga Kurylenko (as Camille) and actress Gemma Arterton as agent Fields.

The 22nd James Bond movie was invested more carefully, filmed in the most places compared to other 007 movies, including 6 countries: England, Panama, Mexico, Chile, Italy, Austria…

The film started being shown nationwide from November 14.

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