Some cried, some laughed after the World Cup draw

Some cried, some laughed after the World Cup draw 0

France has continued to be lucky on the road to the World Cup.

French team

With European teams being drawn last, Group E is considered a dream destination.

Falling into Group E with opponents like Switzerland, Ecuador and Honduras, Deschamps and his team have the right to dream of at least the quarterfinals.

In Group F, Argentina is considered to be at the top of the group.

Ivory Coast team

In 2006, the African team had to share a group with Argentina and the Netherlands.

However, Ivory Coast has a great opportunity to make a mark in the 2014 World Cup. Japan, Colombia and Greece are all moderate opponents for Africa’s representative.

Some cried, some laughed after the World Cup draw

Possessing a talented group of players and luckily falling into the light group, Belgium has a chance to go far.

Belgian team

Luck came to Belgium right before last week’s draw began.

However, being in the same group as Algeria, Russia and South Korea is the biggest gift for Belgium.

Chilean team

The South American representative left a good impression after the 2010 World Cup and hopes to do more in Brazil.

The opening match is considered the softest for Chile when they meet Australia, but facing Spain and the Netherlands will then decide the ticket to continue.

Some cried, some laughed after the World Cup draw

Coach Roy Hodgson and his players are at risk of being eliminated early.

England team

Coach Roy Hodgson said he was more worried about the stadiums in Brazil than about which team he would meet in the group stage.

Hodgson and his students started the group stage with Italy, the opponent who eliminated them in the quarter-finals of Euro 2012. The second match was with the reigning South American champion, Uruguay before taking a breather in the final round against Costa Rica.


The 2014 World Cup group stage is the clearest evidence of the failure of the World Football Federation.

Spain, the Netherlands and Chile are in the same group and are likely to face Brazil in the round of 16.

On the contrary, France suddenly benefited from almost being eliminated and entered the easy group including Switzerland, Ecuador and Honduras.

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